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Environmental Policy

Environmental sustainability policy

By its very nature, we recognise that the theatre industry is transitory, finite in capacity and often resource-intensive. As such we have a responsibility to minimise our negative environmental impacts. Collectively, across the industry, we have a role to play in meeting the government’s commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and the UN climate change goal of keeping global temperature increase below 1.5 degrees.  

The Stephen Joseph Theatre is committed to working towards this aim and intends to do this by looking beyond just the environmental impact of the operation of our building by refocusing on our activity which is the main driver of our carbon footprint.

Monitoring and reporting

Monitor our annual consumption of utilities, and identify as far as practicable how this relates to activity. We will measure this against industry benchmarks.

Report annually on our environmental impact to the SJT board, staff and external stakeholders.

Responsibility and engagement

Responsibility for environmental sustainability sits at all levels of management, with specific responsibility allocated to two board members and two members of the senior management team. 

We will engage with all employees, through induction, training and participation in a staff environmental group. We will also engage with audiences and external stakeholders.

Actions and KPIs

  • We will identify a range of actions to achieve a year-on-year reduction of our overall carbon footprint.

  • We will identify ways of reducing the carbon impact per ticket sold for our own produced shows.

  • We will work towards achieving a recognised environmental certification.

Review of Policy

The environmental sustainability policy will be reviewed by the board annually in December.